The project


The main effort of the MOSES project will consist in integrating, adapting and improving existing technologies in a consistent and robust framework able to provide service in most irrigation water management agricultural areas of Europe and the Mediterranean, with the perspective of global application.




The project, that started in july 2015 and will end in 2018, involves 15 partners (environmental agencies, universities, research institutes, space associations, water consortia, irrigator associations, SME & industries) from five European countries and two continents.




To provide the MOSES services, an innovative platform will be implemented with an integration of many different innovative approaches like satellite remote sensing, seasonal weather forecasting, agronomic modelling, and online GIS Decision Support System.


Demonstration Areas


Four Demonstration Areas (DA) in Italy, Spain, Romania and Morocco will be taken as showcases to support MOSES verification, and as test-bed for the services replication and to assess how such services can improve irrigation efficiency and, more generally, economics of water management.

Seasonal probabilistic forecasting / downscaling

This module provides probabilistic forecasts produced by meteorological centres.

Different techniques to calibrate and combine model outputs will be applied to optimize the quality of the final probabilistic forecasts. Where deemed useful, the direct model output will be regionalized and calibrated on local climatic data by means of statistical downscaling techniques.

Early in-season crop mapping


This module provides agricultural land cover classification maps from multi-temporal satellite optical images and, when available, field data provided by users.

A feasibility study for the service evolution will analyse the capabilities and potentialities of data fusion between radar and optical data for enhancing and improving early-season crop classification and in-season crop status monitoring.

Medium term irrigation forecasting

This module performs medium term (7 days) irrigation water demand forecasting for areas under MOSES service.

The module includes a daily weather data generator and runs the water balance model (CRITERIA 3D, or a similar one), estimating and scheduling irrigation water consumption. This tool enables the user to perform a dynamic and flexible management of water resources during the season.

In-season water demand monitoring

This module monitors and refines the seasonal crop irrigation demand forecasting, producing a performance analysis useful for assessing water demand and delivery needs during the irrigation season.

The module provides in-season monitoring of evapotranspiration and water storage status and compared it with the crop irrigation demand forecast and the crop tailored daily output of the irrigation model in Italy.