AGROMET srl is an Italian startup funded on March 2014, supported by RIC Acceleration Programme developed in the framework of Climate KIC. 

Agromet provides meteo-climatic services, related to weather forecasts, for companies working in agricultural and food sector, in particular, we address to companies working on the whole food chain. 

One of our main goals is to support the enterprise management in order, for instance, to better use natural resources and then to increase its profits by means of more rational and sustainable actions. Agromet is a heterogeneous and eclectic team (3 physicists and 2 agronomists), with major skills in climatology and agro-meteorology. One of the aims of Agromet is to work as a bridge between the scientific-academic community and business. Indeed, the team has a different and highly qualified background, so that we are able to introduce to the market the most advanced and innovative scientific theories, applied and adapted to the effective needs of the enterprises. For instance, our agrometeorological models, whose we are intellectual owners, are implemented into software adaptable for different climatic conditions. 

Agromet services are divided into four main areas: 

  • Agrometeorological services, including: study of potential yield of energy crops; study of water consumption and crop yields; installation and maintenance of (agro)-meteorological stations; collection, archiving and elaboration of agro-meteo data; plant carbon sequestration assessment.
  • Climatic services, including: radiative balance analysis for photovoltaic plants efficiency and yield; forecasts of highly perishable fruits demand depending on weather conditions.
  • Meteorological services: specialized weather forecast for agriculture.
  • Communication services: Agromet has also a communication section specialised in communicate and disseminate to potential customers, such as farmers, food retailers, (agricultural and energy) policy makers, agrometeorological services.

We have good knowledge about all the communication means and good expertise in marketing strategies. 

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