Alessandro Fabbri


Dr. Alessandro Fabbri, agronomist, is an expert in hydraulic and irrigation planning, and has been working more than ten years in this field for CBR within the sector irrigation / maintenance of irrigation works in the Savio river basin, involved in the agronomic management of irrigation systems in place.
He deals in particular with prior estimate of irrigation requirements within the irrigation districts served; preparation of crop plans, actual costs for water users, analysis of anomalies in consumption in the areas served by counters; drafting during the irrigation season of the weekly bulletin of water resources within the district and consultation with technical agricultural cooperatives for irrigation volumes to derive (critical analysis of integrated production); hydraulic simulations on the Canale Emiliano Romagnolo for the modulation of shares in the scenarios of hydrological drought and agricultural production; assistance to farms for irrigation techniques and the choice of irrigation methods in the field; annual review of the management plan of water resources (drought plan). He was involved in the COLT activity from ARPA ER since its setup and uses COLT maps and data in his current work.