Aliara Agrícola


Aliara Agrícola S.L. (ALI) is a small company, located in Spain, which aims to give farmers appropriate knowledge and technical support to improve crop husbandry. For more than ten years Aliara has been working side by side with farmers monitoring crops, taking day to day decisions and settings agronomic and economic improvement targets, both rainfed and irrigation crops. Improvements have been achieved mainly by “conservation tillage” techniques, accurate fertilization management and irrigation water use optimization. ALI provide agronomic advise to a wide range of farmers, mean field level crop scouting and using some sensors, such as climatic weather stations, dendrometer and soil moisture probes, for continuous monitoring and real time data access via web. 

ALI cooperates on the SIRIUS project sharing field data to test and fine-tuning Farm Advisory Services (FAS) remote sensing based. ALI has taken part in same agro-environmental project: “Life HAGAR” (promoted by ADENA-WWF) and “Ciudad Real Airport Agro-environmental Program”.

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