INHGA will presents MOSES web viewer application functionalities and the results in Romania to the SCDA Symposium Braila

INHGA will present Friday, 20 April, to the SCDA Symposium Braila, the functionalities of the MOSES web viewer application and the results of the first replication year in Romania. Here the programme.

During the Sysmposium the round table 'The applicability of forecasting products generated in the MOSES Platform for
efficient water allocation in the irrigated agriculture' will be dedicated to MOSES.
During this events the contributions from the Romanian team of MOSES (Dr. Aristita Busuioc, Dr. Amalia Iriza-Burca, Dr. Rodica Dumitrache, Dr. Alexandru Dumitrescu, Dr. Eng. Elena Mateescu, Drd. Eng. Oana Alexandra Oprea, Dr. Alexandru Dumitrescu, Eng. Daniel Alexandru, Dr. Chitu Zenaida, Dr. Eng. Vişinescu Ioan, Dr. Romulus Costache) will be presented.

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