Consorzio di Bonifica di Romagna


Consorzio di Bonifica di Romagna is a democratic legal entity located in northern Italy, east of Bologna, devoted to guarantee an effective local land and soil protection policy, and to manage surface waters, irrigation and environmental protection. In the plain CBR ensures collection and runoff of almost one billion cubic meter of rainfall water, by means of an extensive network of canals and pumps, ensuring hydraulic protection of fields, urban buildings and infrastructure. In the Apennine hills and mountains CBR takes care of hydrogeological protection with thousands of hydraulic works and maintains hundreds of km of rural roads. Furthermore it manages the pumps and piping network delivering to farmers water from the Canale Emiliano Romagnolo (a large canal bringing south water from the Po river for irrigation) distributing every year tens of millions cubic metres of water, mainly for irrigation and environmental protection purposes.The overall extension of the CBR includes 61 municipalities with a total surface of 352,456 hectares. 

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