Demonstration area – Morocco

The Moroccan DA, coordinated by the Faculty of Sciences - Chouaib Doukkali University (reference person: Prof. Kamal Labbassi) configures itself as Service Provider in its DA; it will evaluate with sufficient frequency and continuity, the monitoring of crop water requirements, to estimate actual consumption and potential shortages, and to assess the marginal benefits of applying given amounts of irrigation.


The Moroccan DA will provide, among others, crop water requirements to the following users:

Water management sector:

  • Agence du Bassin Hydraulique de l’OumEr-Rbia, ABHOER, (Hydrological Basin Agency of OumErRbia), Morocco: Public institution, endowed with financial autonomy and legal personality. It is responsible for: (1) sovereign functions of water police inventory, quality and quantity measures, authorization tax and control of resources use, (2) fee collection, financial aid and service delivery, water resources improvement and flood management.

  • Office chérifien de Phosphate, OCP, (Cherifian Office of Phosphate) Morocco. It is the first mining and industrial group in Morocco. As a global leader in the market for phosphate and its derivatives, OCP has been a key player in the international market since its foundation in 1920. More than 70% of these activities are present in the basin and OCP shows a strong interest in the preservation of environmental and water resources in the region.

Irrigation sector:

  • Offices de Mise en Valeur Agricole, ORMVA, (Offices of Agricultural Development), Morocco: Public institutions with legal personality and financial autonomy and placed under the Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fishing. The tasks assigned to ORMVA (ORMVA_D, for Irrigated area of Doukkala and ORMVA_T, for Irrigated area of Tadla) are: (1) Development of agricultural land, (2) management of irrigation systems and drainage, (3) agricultural development.

  • Farmers Association NGO, Grouping of farmer cooperatives, create for self-management of irrigation in some pilot areas selected under the project to convert the irrigation to drop method.
  • Some consultants working in the management of irrigation and rural engineering.
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