Demonstration area – Romania

The Romanian DA, coordinated by the National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management, INHGA in collaboration with the Administratia Nationala de Meteorologie (ANM) configures itself as Service Provider in its DA.


The selected area is the Baragan Plain, located in South-East of Romania; two demo areas have been chosen, namely the Research Unit for Agriculture, Brăila, and the Movila Farm; another experimental polygon will be used for hydrological models calibration and physical parameters determination (Aldeni Poligon), in case it is required. On the territory of the Research Unit for Agriculture, Brăila, a single unit has been selected, namely geo-morphological low plain; aquifer is available and the water table is at the land surface, being connected with the Danube Floodplain;

irrigation system is accompanied by the drainage system; a pumping station inflows water in pipelines, distributing water under pressure in the irrigation system. The Movila commune is part of the Romanian Plain, specifically the SE portion called Giulmesti Baraganul top or plain; this portion consists only of high plain, with no bumps plan aspect.

The Romanian DA will focus, among others, on inefficient irrigation system which is a main problem in their area.

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