Demonstration area – Romania

The Romanian DA, coordinated by the National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management, INHGA in collaboration with the Administratia Nationala de Meteorologie (ANM) configures itself as Service Provider in its DA.


In Romania, Moses forecasts products will be used to support irrigation water management decisions at the level of two demonstration areas (DAs), located in South-East of Romania. The first demonstration area is represented by Brăila Agriculture Research Station (SCDA) located in the Danube floodplain (Balta Brăilei also called Embanked Great Island of Brăila) and the second one is represented by Movila farm located in the Bărăgan Plain (Fig.1). In the second year of Moses project implementation, the first demonstration area was extended at the level of whole Balta Brăilei (72,000 ha). Both study areas are representative for irrigation water planning due to frequent periods with drought. The main difference between these areas is represented by the depth of water table which is very high at Movila farm (40-50 m), while in the Balta Brăilei water table variation is ranging between 0,5-4 m, depending on the Danube River regime.


The irrigation infrastructure in the Balta Brăilei (Fig.2) was developed between 1975 and 1980 and serves an area of about 69,000 ha. This system comprises a channel network for water conveyance, pumping stations and a network of buried pipes of various orders (main pipes, secondary pipes, antennas) for water distribution. The water is delivered at outlets where farmers connect the equipment to apply sprinkler irrigation in the field. Specifically, the irrigation infrastructure includes 34 centralized pumping stations to serve 53,550 ha, each pump serving irrigation units comprised between 1,100-1,900 ha. Within this area 30 irrigation units are really operational at present. The malfunctioning of the pumping equipment limits the use of the irrigation infrastructure in the remaining units. Prevailing irrigated crops are: maize, wheat, barley, sunflower, soybean and lucerne.

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