The Andalusian Federation of the Irrigators Communities is an association without intentions of profit, which gathers the Irrigators (Irrigators Community, Irrigations, Private Irrigators, etc...) and dedicated to the administration of the water in order to irrigate, no matter if the source of the water is superficial or subterranean. Since former times, these organizations are called in different ways.

It was founded in 1994, due to the need of establishing and maintaining a unity of criteria and acting among all the organizations which have as the main aim the use of water to irrigate. FERAGUA is nowadays fully recognised and integrated in the public activity of the region, fighting to safeguard the interests and rights of the most precious good we have: The water, and harmonizing the effort and the work of all the Andalusian irrigation. Along its life, the FERAGUA has been growing in the Andalusian Public life. Nowadays, there are Irrigators federated, which means around 300.000 hectares, and of course, among the integrated Irrigators, there is the most important Association in the region, due to their extent or due to their tradition and recognized and experienced work. 

FERAGUA is very proud of having maintained along the years its political independence, which has allowed them to work in favour of the Irrigators with governments of very different ideas. With an always-constructive disposition, toughness and dialogue capacity, FERAGUA has become an important group of decision in the hydraulic policy of the region. 

It can be said that the FERAGUA is the most important representative of the “irrigated land” inside the Andalusia scope. In this sense, the Public Administration has recognized as the favourite speaker in numerous occasions, among them, we have to point out the writing of the waters law and its regulations, the elaboration of the hydrological National Plan and the Andalusian hydrological river Basin Plans, the collaboration in the making-up of the National Irrigation Plan, and much more recently, the white book of waters, the Communitarian Directive frame about Waters Policy, etc. 

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