The National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management (NIHWM-INHGA) is a public institution and a subunit of the “Romanian Waters” National Administration, the national authority in hydrology, hydrogeology and water management. NIHWM was established under its current name in December 2002, but, as different organizations, its activities are over 50 years old. 

NIHWM develops research activities and provides operational services of national and international public interest for the protection and socio – economic well – being of people. NIHWM`s activities help improve people’s quality of life and help protect the environment. The main domain of activity are: surface hydrology studies and research, hydrogeological studies and research, experimental hydrology, weather outdoor, hydrometry, water management and ecohydrology, studies for river basin management plans, water quality protection, hydro-telecommunications, operation and service for automatic stations, information technology, database and GIS. Experience in the field of water management extends from the development of new spatial concepts the river regarded as a ecohydrosistem in a dynamic equilibrium and solutions to revegetate rivers by assessing the environmental impact of hydrotechnical structures on the water balance, surface and groundwater flow characteristics (over exploitation groundwater resources). 

The National Center of Hydrological Forecasts from NIHWM is in charge at national level with the operational hydrological warnings and forecasts elaboration, providing short, medium or long period hydrological forecasts, products that are used in order to avoid the loss of human lives and to reduce the damages done by extreme hydrological events. At this time, the implementation of a new and advanced operational hydrological modelling and forecasting system is in final implementation stage; system that is composed of dedicated components for simulating and forecasting the hydrological processes evolution at different spatial and temporal scales, of the available resources for different water users agriculture domain by irrigation systems in one of the main beneficiary of hydrological forecasts. Impacts of climate change on water resources availability for River Basin Management Plan are an important domain, NIHWM contributed in this sense with different studies. NIHWM is also responsible for water indicators reporting to the EPA at the EC level. 

NIHWM implemented FP6 and FP7 projects (CECILIA, CLAVIER, HYDRATE, ECLISE, SEE HYDROPOWER, IS-ENES1) and national responsible projects (ADER - Assessment of potential surface and groundwater resources of agro-systems in areas vulnerable to climate change in southern Romania; CLIMHYDEX - Changes in climate extremes and impacts associated to hydrological events in Romania, etc). The National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management also has extensive experience in achieving research-development programs and projects managed and/or financed by the International Hydrological Program – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Operational Hydrological Program – WMO, European Union and NATO. 

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