Marco Mazzolena

Giulia Villani

Marco Mazzolena is Project Coordinator and Remote Sensing Expert at Esri Italia.
He has a good experience in:

  • advanced image processing and analysis of geospatial data and cartography
  • Python GIS programming and Javascript Web application development
  • semantic engine data flows, real time data streaming, external processing platforms
  • GIS analysis for geomarketing applications, management and security issues, traffic control and routing problems
  • Relational DataBase Management Systems and SQL language
  • GIS architectures, ArcGIS Server and Geodatabase administration
  • custom integration of Esri ArcGIS geoprocessing framework and image processing tools such as IDL/ENVI
  • SAR technology for Remote Sensing purposes
  • interferometric/polarimetric processing and filtering of SAR data for different fields

He has a Master Degree in Mathematics from University of Rome “Tor Vergata”.
For some years he worked as analyst and software developer in the fields of mathematical modelling for Remote Sensing, GIS applications and space mission analysis, system engineer for enterprise GIS, and Web architectures at Galileian Plus and he took part in some important projects as ASI Project “VULSAR” (seismic VULnerability from SAR, 2012-2013), FP7 UE Project “GAL” (Galileo for Gravity, 2012-2013), ESA-Bic Lazio Project “GI-SAR” (Geospatial Information extraction from SAR, 2011), ASI Project “SISMA” (Seismic Information System for Monitoring and Alert, 2009-2011), ASI Project “MAGIA” (Missione Altimetrica Gravimetrica geochImica lunAre, 2008), that increased his know-out.

For Esri Italia he partecipated as Project leader and System engineer in projects: MoD Italian Air Force Project “Weather Interoperable GIS”, 2015-2016), Italian Post Project “Piattaforma Tutela Aziendale”, 2014-2015), ESA Project “ICWM” (Integrated Coastal Water Management, 2014-2016).

In the MOSES project he worked on the project proposal preparation: bid process effort, documentation management, partner relationship and coordination; now he coordinates the MOSES system engineering: requirements definition, algorithmic and architectural design.