Massimo Menenti

Menenti Massimo

Prof. Dr. Massimo Menenti holds the Chair of Optical and Laser Remote Sensing. He has integrated this remote sensing expertise with research on hydrology, water management and land surface processes. He is coordinating the EU FP7 CEOP – AEGIS project to establish a prototype observation system of water resources on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and major river basins in South East Asia.
He has been the lead scientist of the ASI – CSA Joint Hyperspectral Mission and of the ESA SPECTRA and LSPIM missions. He has coordinated an EU research project-Hydrological Determinants of Agricultural Production in South America and an EU network dealing with Climate Impact on Water and Dry lands Agriculture. Past investigations include studies of groundwater hydrology in the deserts of Libya and Egypt, the use of advanced Earth Observation sensors systems to improve the performance of atmospheric models and irrigation water management in several countries.