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MOSES platform is a DSS providing services to support end users (water providers) to make an optimized decision for scheduling water procurement and for the management of its supply. To this end the MOSES DSS integrates:

  1. online GIS technologies
  2. seasonal and in-season weather forecast technologies
  3. water demand assessment technologies.

The MOSES DSS is designed to provide strategic information both on a pre-operational stage, before the irrigation season, and at operational stage, during the irrigation season. For the pre-operational stage the MOSES DSS provides seasonal forecast and early crop mapping normally three months before the beginning of the irrigation season. This information might support end users to:

  1. Rationalize monitoring activities to schedule payments for the provision of water in open canals;
  2. Manage water procurement before the irrigation season;
  3. Take precautionary measures about any weather anomalies for the next irrigation season, as:
    • plan water procurement and allocation before the irrigation season;
    • advise farmers about the existence of any risk of incurring in water shortage for the next irrigation season;
    • establish the quota of water to be allocated in each farm;
    • plan the type of crop to be cultivated next season.

For the operational stage the MOSES DSS provides in-season weather and water demand forecast throughout a period of seven to fourteen days and water demand monitoring. This service will support users to:

  1. Timely drain out of the network excess water to limit the damages caused by flood events;
  2. Timely fixing turns and quotas to limit the damages caused by drought events;
  3. Manage water flows into the network in accordance with the estimated water demand/supply saving water and energy;
  4. Detect unauthorized water abstraction to discourage any noncompliance;
  5. Accomplish with regulatory requirements (i.e. WFD minimum vital flow criterion).

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