The Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna (UNIBO) is a leading institution in research and education, with more 90,000 enrolled students and about 3000 academic staff. With over 16 milion euro of EU contribution awarded in the KBBE area in FP7, thus being acknowledged in the top-10 best performers in this area. The project involves two departments. Department of Agricultural Sciences: the department deals with a broad range of disciplines related to agricultural sciences, forestry, food and environment. Altogether the department was involved in 36 FP7 projects. The research team primary involved in the Project includes an agricultural economics unit and an agronomy unit. The economic unit deals with agriculture and environmental resource economics, water and agriculture policy evaluation, economic evaluation of projects and investments, evaluation of the impact of research and innovation, evaluation of technical development in agriculture, farm planning models and decision support models. Tools used involve a wide range of simulation and evaluation techniques, including mathematical programming, econometric methods, monetary evaluation techniques, agent-based and principal-agent models. Notably the unit has a broad experience in FP projects (including coordination) and interdisciplinary research on a wide range of issues in the domain of agriculture, environmental and social sciences.

The agronomy unit deals mainly with soil-air-water-plant relations, agrometeorology and irrigation scheduling, crops phenology, all in the frame of climate change. In particular the research group deals with evapotranspiration measuring, modelling and calculations, crop coefficients and evaporation from bare soil. The project is also carried out in collaboration with the Department of Statistical Sciences, which hosts advanced research activities in a number of fields including: statistical methodology; econometrics; applied economics; applied statistics; demographics; agro-food economics and statistics; education and social statistics; environmental and bio-medical statistics; marketing research; measurement and evaluation.

The University of Bologna has gained a considerable experience in international and European research projects, successfully participated in FP7 with more than 200 funded projects in the different specific Programmes (acting as Coordinator in 24 of these). The unit participates/ed in the following EU projects: a) agricultural sector and agricultural policy evaluation: projects CAP-IRE (FP7 - coordinated), CLAIM (FP7-coordinated), SPARD (FP7), Factor markets (FP7), ITAES (FP6); b) water policy analysis and evaluation: projects FIGARO (FP7), EPI-WATER (FP7), Water Cap&Trade (ERA-NET, FP7), AQUAMONEY (FP6), WADI (FP5); c) economic analysis of innovation: projects NETGROW (FP7), EUROCROP, (FP6), BIFF (FP6, Marie-Curie); d) use of by-products from food industry: projects Namaste (FP7); e) Indicators for (agricultural, biodiversity) policy evaluation: project BIOBIO (FP7).

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