Vittorio Marletto

Vittorio Marletto

Vittorio Marletto heads research and development in agrometeorology and remote sensing at Arpae. He has a degree in Physics (Rome, 1982) and one in Political Science (Bologna, 2003).
He developed the first versions of the CRITERIA model of soil water balance and crop development that has now evolved into a larger modelling system, including numerical soil water and solute dynamics simulation, with several types of interfaces, operationally in use at Arpae. He devised the iColt procedure to predict seasonal irrigation water demand, integrating remote sensing, seasonal predictions and agronomic modelling, in use in Emilia-Romagna since 2010, and at the basis of Moses.
In the past he participated in several European and Italian r&d or collaborative projects including FP5 DEMETER, FP6 ENSEMBLES, Climagri, Sedemed, Desertnet, EnercitEE. He recently acted as technical manager of the EU-FP7 project VINTAGE (, and of the “Irrigation and climate change” subproject, within the Italian national programme Agroscenari (Climate change and Italian agriculture,
His publications include the editing of three books, and more than 300 scientific or general purpose papers, including many conference contributions. He is past president of Aiam (Italian Agrometeorology Association,, belongs to its management board and to the Italian Journal of AgroMeteorology editorial board.