Work Plan

The MOSES project collates pre-existing experiences of MOSES partners and several needs from different final users and stakeholders with the aim of implementing preoperative services.  The project will follow an agile approach where engineering, implementation, integration and operation phases are cyclically performed. The plan of activities follows the approach described in the following figure.


The first year of the project is devoted to the engineering and implementation of the first version of MOSES platform; in the following six months, a full cycle is completed with the first application of MOSES services over the Italian DA. Meanwhile, the other DAs prepare their local activities by following the setup of Italian DA and receiving dedicated training.

The second half of the project is dedicated to the scaling-up and replication of MOSES services to the Spanish, Romanian and Moroccan DAs, which implies a seconditeration of the development lifecycle. At the same time, the Italian DA is ready to enter in the full pre-operation phase. During the last six months, the final (Release Candidate) version of the MOSES platform is released and it is considered ready to enter in operation.

Management and Dissemination activities are performed for the whole project duration, assuring continuity in the supervision of project, coordination of partners and diffusion of the results to the scientific and commercial community.

WP1 - Management

The management structure for the MOSES project foresees three different coordination figures, which will be active for the whole project duration:

  • the project manager;

  • the scientific supervisor;
  • the demo service manager.

The coordination team will implement all along project lifecycle the routines for the project management, the relationship with European Commission and the  of scientific activities. The project manager will also deal with contractual aspects, related in particular to the financial and administrative issues of the project. He will be responsible for the accomplishment of project plan and contractual obligations.

WP3 – MOSES services and DSS platform

The MOSES platform will be implemented starting from the design documents, which are output of the WP2 activities. Each subtask of the WP3 is devoted to the implementation/customization of the high-level functionalities of the system. An agile approach will be used for the platform engineering, implementation, integration and testing, leading to the release of several versions of MOSES platform. As a consequence of this approach, the WP3 activities will not be strictly time-limited, but will be distributed during the project lifecycle.

WP5 - Scaling-up and replication

WP5 activities deal with a second iteration of MOSES services for the Italian DA, and the replication of MOSES services for the Spanish, Romanian and Moroccan DAs; in fact, the activities for all the DAs are performed in parallel. The MOSES products, generated over the DAs, will be compared with local ground truth in order to validate and calibrate the models used.

WP2 - MOSES engineering

The collection of the user requirements, according to the specific needs of the different MOSES demonstration areas, is the starting point of the project. This phase will lead to the architectural and service definition, where some critical elements such as Design Definition File and service definition will be of particular importance for pushing MOSES services towards the real market. The design of the MOSES system will be the main deliverable of WP2.

WP4 - First application

The first application of MOSES services will be performed for the Italian DA. WP4 activities start with its setup, the procurement of the necessary EO data and the training activities for the other DAs. Once the first version of the MOSES platform will be released from WP3, the first application demonstration activities will be performed. Finally, at the end of demonstration activities, a service assessment has been planned for improving the service effectiveness for the demo replication in the Spanish, Romanian and Moroccan DAs.

WP6 - Communication, Dissemination and Impacts

Particular attention will be given to the results dissemination within the scientific and commercial communities. Dissemination activities foreseen are the participation to scientific conferences and workshops, the setup of the project web site maintained along the project life, and the organization of two workshops. MOSES impacts and business opportunities will be considered and analysed in a specific activity. The workshops will be organised after the first and the second campaigns.

Work Package List